What’s the secret to getting an increase in sales and people actually buying your book? An eye-catching, beautiful cover that POPS OUT at your readers. Sorry, Mom, but people really do judge a book by the cover. Make sure yours stands out!

Don’t leave the work to just anyone…with hundreds of covers made over the past 3 years, we’ve worked closely with authors from all around the world to make sure they get the cover that is perfect for their work. From genres such as mysteries and horror, to food and traveling, to romance and comedies, to sci-fi and steampunk, to erotica and…well, we’ve worked with it all.

We care about your sales. Your success is our success. So…

– We provide FREE premium images. You can browse DepositPhotos and simply send us the link to your favorite image or it’s  image ID and we’ll purchase it for you to use on your cover, at no cost to you. Not a bad deal!

– We provide free, unlimited revisions. Because we’re not happy until you’re happy.

– We deliver in 7 days or less. Because we know that your time is critical.

Here’s a (very small) sample of some of our covers:

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